Teshima/Seto Inland Sea

Art Setouchi is Art Journey on the Nurturing Sea, taken place in the area covering 7 islands of the Seto Inland Sea + Takamatsu.

The project shows the idea of making the most of what is available-the ocean, islands, traditional lifestyle and indigenous cutures- and creating what doesn't exist.

Although Teshima Island was formerly known for being an island of industrial waste, one of the greatest benefits gained was that people changed such preconceptions after seeing the actural island.

Based on the theme of Teshima, "art and food", local people are actively working to revive the rice terraces and starting the restarurant Shima Kitchen.

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Teshima Art Museum is a space like a gigantic cell. We could see the blue sky and sunlight through the hole on the cealing, hear the breezing sound and voices of living things outside. When we looked to the floor, water that had been welled from underground slowly sprung up from various spots, forming into shapes, flowing out freely, then coming together in whirlpools and disappearing again.

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teshima7.jpg It is said to be the place, the continually changing "phenomenon"-"a work of art" and the relentlessly active "life"-"viewer" are gently integrated. The border is no longer defined.
You would forget about the time and be embraced with the surrounding environment.

Particles in the Air.
Tom Na H-iu -----------------------Il vento-----------------------
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teshima9.jpgIt takes 1 hour by local train from Okayama Station to Uno, and 40 minutes by boat.
Rent an electric bike to visit places, or take shuttle buses.
Since Seto Inland Sea area has mild climate, it's very nice to enjoy the air through the year.



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