kon1.jpg Visiting Konpira Shrine has been popular from around 18c. even among commoners including dogs. Those who couldn't pay a visit to the shrine sent the dog to travel on behalf of the owner. The dog carried the tablet on which the name of the owner is written, the cost for food, and offerings. Travellers helped the dog to arrive at the shrine. We called it Konpira dog.

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There are totally 1368 stone stairs to reach the top after arriving at Asahisha on 628 steps, and the main shrine building on 785 steps at the altitude of 251m.
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The name of Konpira Shrine came from the form of the flat mountain where shrine is located. The form was like Koto, a musical instrument and could be spotted from the Seto Island Sea. It was regarded as a landmark, and the protection for the vessels cruising. Fishermen, sailors, shipbuilders, all showed dedication to the shrine.

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Cats are also protecting the shrine・・・for fish?





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