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油長‐Aburacho is a sake shop in the midst of Fushimi, having more than 80 kinds of sake from 20 sake brewries in Fushimi.
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We can enjoy sake tasting seriously together with small dishes. Standard tasting includes 3 kinds of sake with 1300 yen, though the price will be different depending on the ranks of sake.
At first you will check the color of sake in the white cup. The natural color of sake is a pale yellow with a slight greenish cast. The color deepens as sake ages. After initial sniff to assess the top smell, you take a sip and roll it around the tongue. Slurping allows air to be mixed with the sake and warmed it on the tongue, so that even more aromatics can be freed. The first impression is important to appreciate the taste of sake. According to the sake flavor chart by Philip Harper, the writer of "The Book of SAKE", the expression goes like "light, fresh, fruity, dry, soft, mellow, sweet, full bodied, rich, aged". It's nice to know these key word.

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Fushimi Otesuji shopping mall is busy arcaded street, easy access either from Fushimi Momoyama Station by Keihan Line, or from Momoyama Goryomae Station by Kintetsu line.

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