Arashiyama/Autumn leaves

I started walking from Arashiyama Station, Hankyu Railway line, and kept walking along Hozu River. I stopped at a place to see Mt.Atago, the highest mountain in the North and Mt.Hiei, the second highest above Togetsu Bridge in the Eastern direction. I continued walking while seeing the view of the river under the umbrella of the maple branches.
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There is a boat to cross the river only with 400 yen. You may be noticed by the rower if you wave the flag there. It's nice to see the mountains from the same level as the river surface.
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Across the river is the best spot to take photoes. Some are enjoying long distance Hozu River Cruise, while others are enjoying relaxing cruising only in Arashiyama area. ara8.jpg ara9.jpg ara10.jpg ara11.jpg
Usually,the color of the leaves are to change gradually from 20th Nov. It's a little late this year due to the higher temperature. In order to have the color changed, we have to wait until the temperature really gets down. I climbed up Kameyama Park, finding the trees wearing the winter jackets for removing the eggs of the insects in spring.



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