The Jidai Matsuri Festival

Jidai Matsuri Festival (Festival of the Ages), held on 22nd Oct.(23rd this year due to the rain), is to commemorate the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of the capital in Kyoto. It unfolds like a brilliant picture scroll that showcases Kyoto through the ages.
Today, there are 18 different groups involving about 2,000 people in a dignified, richly costumed parade of historical figures. The procession begins with the latest period.

Meiji Period The Imperial Army with it's banner--The patriots of the Meiji Restoration
jidai1.jpg jidai2.jpg

Edo Period Tokugawa Shogun's Deputy payed a visit from Edo (today's Tokyo) to Emperor in Kyoto with 1,700 attendants
jidai3.jpg jidai4.jpg

A Shrine Maiden called Okuni performed a prayer dance which was the origin of Kabuki in Kyoto

Azuchi Momoyama Period Lord Toyotomi rides on an ox-cart to visit Emperor
jidai6.jpg jidai7.jpg

jidai8.jpg jidai9.jpg

Muromachi Period

Heian Period Tomoe-Gozen, the wife of lord in men's armor courageously fought alongside her husband in battle. Heroines of Heian Period are performed by professional Geiko in entertainment district like Gion.

Tokiwa-Gozen, the mother of tragic hero, Yoshitsune--Lady Murasaki wrote the first novel in Japan
jidai14.jpg jidai15.jpg

Ono-no-Komachi, an outstanding poet renowned for her wit and beauty
jidai16.jpg jidai17.jpg

jidai18.jpg While men looks shy or tired with heavy armors, women and women's costumes always catch an attention of the people. It's better to include some perfomances by men...., or include samurai movie actors...



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