National Museum of Nara

A Buddhism statue is not simply a sculpture, but the Buddha himself. The soul of the Buddha is engraved. To make it simple, statues are divided into 4 groups, the Enlightened, the Boddhisattva--the Buddha to be, the Incarnation of the Buddha and Guardians of Indian origin.
This is the Guardian of the North, protecting the North direction.


(Left)Seated Boddhisattva with one leg pendant, with pigments and cut gold leaf, was made in 12-13C. Boddhisattva is qualified as the Buddha, though it came to our world to help people in need. (Right)Myoo--Incarnation of the Buddha. Ferocious appearance with crimson-colored body sublimates the passions of sentient beings, leading them to pure enlightment.

(Left)The set of 5 Myoo--Incarnation of the Buddha is very unique with one Myoo raising his leg up. (Right) The Shinto deities were made in early period influenced by the Buddhism. They usually face front, though this shows lively posture.
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National Museum of Nara is located in the vast area of Nara Park, where 1300 deer are roaming. They all become lawn mowers in the evening. There is Nara Prefectural Government Office nearby, where you can have inexpensive lunch and panoramic view of Nara from the top floor. Free of charge!


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