Daimonnji/Bon Buddhism Festival (2)

During Bon Buddhism Festival, we had family gathering together with the spirit of the deceased in the family. The time is limited, they return home on 16th. In order to let them know the time and place to return, we set up the firewood along the strokes of the Chinese character on the slope of the moutain, and light them at 8 o'clock at night. We have 5 mountains of that kind in Kyoto. Local people call this event Daimonji, pointing the symbol of 2 mountains among 5 mountains. It will be officially called Gozan no okuribi, fires on 5 mountains.

okuribi1.jpg okuribi2.jpg okuribi3.jpg

okuribi7.jpg I sent the spirits of the deceased of my family off near Golden Pavilion Temple this year. I could see the fire at the close range. The spirits returned home over the mountain safely.
After this festival, our summer is supposed to be eased. Hopefully!



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