Gold leaf/Kanazawa

金沢 Kanazawa literally means "a swamp where gold was found". A man digging yam happened to find gold dust-a story in 8th cetury.
Until mid 1800, only Edo, today's Tokyo and Kyoto were allowed to process gold. Maeda clan was continuing to make gold leaves secretly. Climate in Kanazawa was just an appropriated one, and there was a great demand.
The process of making refined as well as the thinnest gold leaves was developed during the period, leading to 98% shares of the market today.

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The same amount of 10 yen coin is beated repeatedly to be extended to 2 peices of Tatami mat size with the thickness of 1/10000mm in the end. It's so delicate that they have to use bamboo tools to handle.

The possession of gold or gold leaf looks really gorgeous. 
Gold leaves are greatly used for Buddhism altars in this area. A Buddhism altar at a private home sometimes costs about $100,000 since it's so important like family temple. However, you can get gold related products  with small amount of money.



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