Imperial Palace

Sakura viewing season has already started!

1100 years ago, a court noble made a poem.
“If there is no such thing as Sakura in this world, I could feel more relaxed in spring.”
It depicts he was always worried about Sakura, when it will bloom, is it going to rain or storm, when it will go. Even today people get uneasy and restless through the month of March and April. It’s true, I am already restless everyday.

The life of Sakura is very short. The pedals stay only 7 days once the flower in bloom. We don’t want to miss every moment of its beauty from buds, flowers in bloom here and there, flowers in full bloom, and going. People identify their life with the short, though beautiful life of Sakura.

One kind of Sakura located at the ruins of Konoe family mansion in Imperial Place Park is called Ito-zakura. It is also known as Shidare-zakura/Rose bud Cherry, which is the earliest bloom in Kyoto. This place is common among locals and people with cameras.



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