Tukinowa dera/Kyoto

We took different route on return, stopping at a secluded temple called Tsukinowadera. 500 years old Shakunage Rhododendron are at its full bloom. atago13.jpg tsukinowa1.jpg

atago17.jpg atago15.jpg
Shigure zakura(sobbing sakura) was originally planted by Shinran, a Buddhism teacher. Drops of tear are showing his grief being expelled out of Kyoto.

Mt. Atago/Kyoto

Mt. Atago from my house
Mt. Atago is the highest mountain in Kyoto and is worshiped by people for the protection from fires. Most houses in Kyoto have at least one tablet of fire proof purified by the deity of fire on Mt. Atago in the kitchen.

atago14.jpg atago11.jpg
It’s time for flowers and green leaves everywhere on the mountain.
atago1.jpg atago9.jpg atago8.jpg
Momiji, Maple-----------Mitsuba tutuji, Rhododendron---Tamushiba, Magnolia
atago7.jpg atago16.jpg atago6.jpg
Ookamenoki, Viburnum---Asebi, Pieris japonica----Shikimi, Illicium anisatum
Miyama Katabami, Shamrock or oxalis

You’ve got to climb Mt. Atago once a month. 1000 times of climbing will make you fire exempt for the rest of your life. One time climbing on the night of 31st, July is worth 1000 times.
All these are the caution against fires which were common in the city of Kyoto consisting of crowded wooden structures.

However, it takes a whole day to climb. You've got to be prepared.
It takes one hour by bus to the entrance of the mountain route, Kiyotaki, from city center. 2 hours to walk up, 1 hour for lunch, and 2 hours walk down. You will walk from 80m to 924m above sea level.


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