Gion Morisyo/Ryokan

mori1.jpg Gion Morisyo is located in Ishibe Koji area. Ishibe Koji was developed and rented out by a rich merchant as high-end residential area. Since the houses were built on the slope of Higashiyama Mountains, the foundations were formed with the stones. With the beautiful and quiet surrounding, the houses were used as ryokan/Japanese Inn or ochaya/Tea house. Many of the movie directors and writers were staying here when Japanese movie making were at its peak.
Gion Morisyo had been used by a famous novelist, Junichiro Tanizaki when he wrote "Sasameyuki". Gion Morisyo is renewed to accommodate visitors without dinner, which is called Katadomari style in ryokan. You may enjoy at the next door "PAGE ONE"-Cafe and Dining Bar or go to other restaurants in the neighborhood.
mori8.jpg mori7.jpg
Gion Morisyo is run by a nice couple and their son. The son used to play a guitar professionally in Tokyo. He will find new stages in his home town here. He may entertain guests with beautiful music. mori10.jpg
The room used by Junichiro Tanizaki
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A mini concert and a small craftwork shop




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