hashidate6.jpg Amano Hashidate, one of the three scenic beauty in Japan, literally means "heavenly bridge", a bridge crossed over heaven. You would see the view from between your legs. It's a sandbar with more than 4000 pine trees. Enjoy either of furnicular railway or a chair lift to climb up the hill.

hashidate5.jpg A Heavenly Bridge

hashidate3.jpg hashidate4.jpg
The Sun Goddess was staying here at Kono Shrine before she finally decided to live at Ise Grand Shrine.

hashidate1.jpg hashidate2.jpg
Chionji Temple was established by the order of Emperor, having hidden Monju Bosatsu as a principal image. Pagoda is known to be from 1500. Temple gate is like a pavilion. The temple has numerous cultural assets, showing the area was spiritual center from olden period.

Ine is a fishing village with 370 households. A house used as a storage for fishing boat is called Funaya. The area is designated as a group of historic buildings.
ine1.jpg ine3.jpg
There is a cruise to see surrounding area. Today's pick will be Hamachi, young yellowtail or Buri yellowtail, Ika squid, Sanma mackerel, Aji horse mackerel and so on.



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