Maiko & Geiko/Kyoto

Culture of traditional dance by Maiko(apprentice dancer)
Maiko are stationed at Okiya. They are trained for about 5 years starting from 15 years old upon graduation from junior high school. During the morning, they attend professional school to learn dance, music, traditional cultures.

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They go to Ochaya, or Tea House to entertain guests on behalf of the regular customers.There are different business style from others. The customers can pay later, since they are trusted. The mother of Ochaya can arrange everything for the party for the cutomers to entertain their guests. The exclusiveness has a reason. However, there are a variety of channels to be a guest today.
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geiko9.jpg Priceless entertainment costs much money like $500 for 2 hour's party without meals. This contributes to the nurturing those professional dancers and development of traditional cultures of music, kimono, cuisine and so on.



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